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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Welcome to Annals Fresh Look!

Peer-reviewed medical literature aims to provide readers with knowledge that helps them be better clinicians, teachers, health care advocates, and researchers. In this spirit, we are excited to introduce the Annals Fresh Look blog, a new initiative by the Annals of Internal Medicine to feature perspectives and discourse among medical students and early career physicians. We believe that early career perspectives provide several benefits to the medical community:

First, as newer members of the profession, early career physicians both reflect and provide “fresh eyes” on the culture and institutions around them. In turn, their perspectives are barometers and spotlights for trends in the practice of medicine.

Second, these physicians interact with medical evidence in different ways than established providers. As “digital natives” accustomed to accessing information from a variety of electronic sources since the beginning of their medical careers, early career physicians’ experiences reflect the evolution in how clinicians use peer-reviewed content to provide patient care.

Third, topics like population health, “big data,” personalized medicine, and shared decision making are fundamentally changing how medicine is taught and practiced. Innovations in technology and social networks are also altering how physicians organize around and advocate for such issues as medical evidence and health equity. Early career physicians are important frontline observers and participants in these trends.

We are excited to combine the rich content from the Annals with these early career perspectives. The goal of Annals Fresh Look is not to summarize or review Annals articles. Rather, blog entries highlight the relevance of Annals content to our professional lives. In turn, we hope that perspectives contained in Annals Fresh Look will foster dialogue about topics in clinical practice, medical education, public policy, medical humanities, quality improvement, and the delivery of health care.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the blog as much as we enjoy contributing to and curating it.

Joshua M. Liao, MD, MSc
Fatima Z. Syed, MD, MSc
Sarah G. Candler, MD, MPH


  1. Looking forward to this blog. Congrats Joshua, Fatima, and Sarah. Great job, Sarah, and best to all of you.

  2. This is great, and I look forward to reading your perspectives! I’m proud to call you a colleague Sarah! ~ Jacey

  3. This is an absolutely fantastic idea - love the mention of big data. Subscribed!

  4. I enjoyed reading Joshua's articles in ACP Internist. I'm looking forward to hearing this blog's take on where we are and where we are going with technology, health care delivery, and younger generations of patients (millennials).


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